Student Life, Clubs and Activities

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的 Student Experience

Rarely do we hear 聚 students say that they have too little to do! 活跃的, inquisitive, and empathic, our students seem to have endless stores of intellectual and personal energy. 的 community they inhabit—and create—is characterized by demanding courses and extracurricular activities, supportive teachers, 教练, and deans, and countless opportunities to engage with each other and the world. 

At assemblies, we come together to share stories. In Student Government-led forums, students debate and disagree with inspiring honesty. In student publications, they share their interpretations and test out their ideas. In affinity groups, they discover the strength and affirmation that allow them to go out into the world newly confident and supported. Rarely are 聚 students content to be defined by one activity or interest.

Affinity Spaces for students allow people who share an identity gather together. 的y are ever-evolving and are a vital part of student life programming.

Student Affinity Groups

  • Asia Society
  • Bible Studies
  • Banana Splits
  • 女孩的
  • GSA
  • Jewish Caucus
  • 柠檬水
  • Male Allies
  • Masala Club
  • Multi-Racial
  • Students of Color
  • Umoja
  • 失去
  • White Anti-Racist Allies
  • Women’s Affinity

Girls Who Code
Peer Tutoring
Female Self-Defense and 通晓多国语言
D&D and Coding Clubs
Female Athletic Wellness
Student Service Board

Upper School Clubs & Activities

  • A Cappella
  • African 跳舞 & 打鼓
  • Anime Club
  • Astronomy Club
  • Blue Notes (all male a cappella)
  • 业务 & Professional Skills
  • 业务 and Entrepreneurship
  • CAF Club (Challenged Athlete Foundation)
  • 陶瓷 Club
  • Chess + Go/Weiqi
  • Christian Athletes
  • Classics Club
  • Coding Club
  • Coffee House
  • Communism Club
  • Criminal Psychology
  • 跳舞 Team
  • 画 Club
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Environmental Justice
  • Ethics Club
  • 时尚
  • Female Athletic Wellness
  • Female Self-Defense
  • French Club
  • 女孩了
  • Girls Who Code
  • Harmonics
  • Healthcare for Girls in Need
  • History Club
  • International Student Association
  • Letter of Support
  • Magic 的 Gathering
  • Math Club
  • Mental Wellness Club
  • 模拟联合国
  • Movie Madness
  • 非功能性测试俱乐部
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Philosophy Club
  • 聚 Book Club
  • 聚 Prep Medical Club
  • 聚 Record (Literary Magazine)
  • 聚 艺术 Journal
  • 通晓多国语言 (Yearbook)
  • 多边形 (Student 新闻paper)
  • Special Olympics
  • Sports 辩论 Club
  • String Quartet
  • Student Athlete Action Team
  • Student Government
  • Student Service Board
  • Students Anticipating Change in Media (SACIM)
  • Table Tennis
  • 剧院 Tech 机组人员 Club
  • Ultimate Club
  • Women’s Entrepreneur Club
  • Women’s Weightlifting Club
Club Fair on the field
Upper School Clubs Fair